An excited group of many kinds of experts are leading Authors’ Distillery forward

Ari Kaura

Head distiller

“A Master Distiller who was supposed to be a master but ended up as a taster”

Christian Rönnbacka


“A detective fiction author who put his finger in the pie”

Fredrik Lilius

Sales and Marketing

“A multi-talent in comedy and alcohol. A surprising combination”

Lippo Luukkonen

Chairman of the Board

“A lawyer who wants to have a crack at the food industry after working with intellectual property rights for 20 years”

Tuomas Kyrö

“An author who fell in a moonshine barrel when he was 14 years old”

Soili Pohjalainen

“An author for whom a distillery is a natural continuum of her family’s strong and eventful tippling traditions”

Heikki Lehti

“A nonfiction author who puts gin in his birdie bottle as soon as possible. The better the drink, the better the round”

Juha Kojonen

“A banker who is eager to take on a new task and who loves good food and drink”