"Once upon a time, there was a detective fiction author, an author, a lawyer, a detective, a baker and a banker.

After a book fair, they gathered together at a Temperance Society’s house. Their heads were clear and drinks strong. There were discussions on quality literature and quality alcohol. Both are good to have on the shelf to tell a story about who we are, even if we never open the book or the bottle. Both are ways to get away from it all for a while.

Books had been written, bread had been baked, crimes had been solved, money had been made but one thing was missing. Their very own distillery.

As the night turned into morning, Authors’ Distillery had been established.

Within a week, one flew to the Netherlands to be a Master Distiller’s apprentice. An old pig farm in Mäntsälä got a new life as a distillery.

There is room for groundbreaking books, distillates and thoughts."